How can iTech360 assist me in maximizing my online earnings while minimizing costs?

iTech360 is dedicated to assisting all individuals in gaining, generating, and attaining greater online presence while minimizing expenses, inconvenience, and difficulties. We provide a comprehensive array of solutions to support your online endeavors and ensure success, encompassing domains, hosting, security, specialized services, and products. Our offerings are imbued with inherent value, featuring competitive rates, unparalleled customer support, and supplementary assets as part of the package.

What’s the Web Development process?

We'll commence your project by holding an initial meeting where we delve into the project's scope, aspirations, and design concepts. Following this, the designer will kick-start the project by crafting a logo, mood board, or homepage. Subsequently, our content director will guide you through the process of gathering content and conduct an SEO Audit based on the established designs. We'll then assess the outcomes in collaboration with your team. Once 80% of the content is collected and the designs are endorsed, we'll initiate the development phase. Post-development, we'll provide training to your team on how to maintain and update the website. Following this, we'll shift our focus to refining your website's digital marketing strategy and fostering business growth.

How much investment is needed for web development?

It depends on the design and personalization requirements of your project. We are committed to providing you with highly tailored web development solutions at a cost-effective rate. We are pleased to identify the optimal service package for your project.

How early as possible your website will be launched?

The launching of a website depends on the client’s feedback, content and other complexities of web development. Usually, it takes 1 months. However, if you have any specific launching we’ll be happy to work within achieving it.

Can you Repair your old website instead of starting a new one?

A website is not a physical appearance but it also has a back of site architecture and technology. Maybe both can be the reason of hurting your Google ranking or user experience. Graphic or content update is another thing but if your site is hurting industry benchmarks then it’s the best time to start a new one. Because modern sites have more functionality, which aids in convenient updating and maintaining in the future.

Do you train me on how to use my website?

The account manager will train you that how to use your website as we reach initiation. We hold on until your site is complete so that you get complete command over CMS and updates on the backend of your actual website.

Do you provide complete web packages including domain and hosting?

Yes, we do. Please check all the packages accordingly or feel free to contact us.